Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel and Wine Barrel Bottle Openers


These bottle openers are made from 2 different sources:
*the oak staves of wine barrels used as part of Goose Island Brewery's secondary fermentation process. While the barrels are "oak neutralized", you can still see the wine color, and we designed these to keep that surface and unique shape intact.
*the charred oak staves of whiskey barrels used as part of the brewery's barrel aging process.
The metal opener tab was punched out at a nearby metal shop, made from the metal bands that wrap the barrels.
All our openers are made with the help of our job trainees who come to us with barriers to employment. In RX Made, we teach them valuable shop skills as part of our bigger training program.


  • Whiskey Barrel (charred on one side)
  • Wine Barrel